YC- NISDA’s Publications

Books :

● Shrikant Paranjpe, Rajendra Abhayankar (ed.), Afghanistan After 2014 (New Delhi : Kalinga Publications, 2015)

● Shrikant Paranjpe (ed.) India’s Foreign and Security Policy: Challenges and Opportunities (New Delhi : G.B. Publishers, 2015)

● A. S. Dalvi. (Ed.), Dimensions of Non-traditional Threats to India’s National Security Challenges and Response (Pune, YC-NISDA: 2011).

● Gautam Sen (Ed.), Impediments to National Security (Pune, NISDA, 2007).

● Gautam Sen (Ed.), Gen. B. C. Joshi Memorial Lectures on National Security (Pune : University of Pune Press, 2006).

● Gautam Sen (Ed.), Conceptualizing Security for India in the 21st Century, (New Delhi : The Atlantic Publishers, 2007).

Occasional Papers

● Dr. Arpita Anant, “Security in the Post-Cold War World”, Paper No.1, March 2006.

● Mr. Aravind B. Yelery, “Strategic Behaviour of West and Communist Bloc during Cold War”, Paper No. 2, March 2006.

● Mrs. R. D. Nighojkar, “A Study of Personality, Attitude towards Nuclearisation and Perceived Challenges among Military Leaders”, Paper No. 3, March 2006.

● Air Marshal A. K. Trikha, “Perspectives on Geo-Politics”, Paper No. 4, March 2007.

● Mr. Aravind B. Yelery, “Interplay of Ideology and National Interest in China’s Foreign Policy “, Paper No. 5, March 2007

● Mrs. Rajashree Nighojkar, “Exploring the Interface between Morale and Psychological, Social and Economic Challenges” Paper No. 6, March 2007.

● Dr. Arpita Anant, “Terrorism: The Matrix of Regional Security Perspectives and Responses”, Paper No. 7, March 2007.

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