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The Indian Army and the Department of Defense and Strategic Studies, SPPU jointly started the Resident Scholars Programme in the year 1985. Under this programme Army Officers of the rank of Colonel and Brigadier during sabbatical leave ofone to two years pursue research and academic interest. Officers’ conductsresearch on the topic that has strategical interest and of important contribution to the Indian Armed forces. Officers’ conduct a research in the department and submit report on their topic. They also participate in the teaching activities of department, healthy interaction with student and give lecture and seminars on their research work.

The admission process for this is routed through the office of the Col (Trg) Southern Command of the Indian Army.

For detail info Contact

Col (Trg) Southern Command of the Indian Army.

Current Research Scholar Programme officers are

Indian Army Resident Scholar Programme

SR NO. Name of the
Resident Scholar
Theme of the Research Project Tenure
1 Col Deepak Kumar Efficacy of International convention to check/arrest proliferation of bio and chem weapon 2022-2024
2 Col Md Ehteshamullah Khan India Nepal Relationship Emerging Influence of China 2022-2024
3 Col Rajat Mohan Bhat Act East Evolution of Regional Structure for Disaster Response in BIMSTC 2022-2024
4 Col Tarun Naurani Economics Potential of Ne Reality or an Illusion 2022-2024
5 Col Rohit Kumar Critical Analysis of India's Nuc Doc and NFU Policy 2022-2024
6 Col PKM Jagdale Drone warfare - Challenges and Opportunities 2022-2024
7 Col Manoj Deshpande Relevance of Kautilya's Arthshastra in Evolving India's Strategic Culture 2022-2024
8 Col D Lakshman Kumar China's likely Strategic Trajectory in the Continental Domain 2022-2024
9 Lt Col Sunil Mudgal 2022-2024
10 Lt Col Sagar Singh Bhaisora 2022-2024
11 Lt Col Patil Rajkumar Dattaram 2022-2024
12 Col Prashant Gore Analysis of Use of all ML Neural Net power and Related Technologies for inform and Influence Operation of (e.g., Deep Fakes and Bots) With Focus on Suggested Countermeasures (To Incl UP-Scaling of Infrastructure) 2021-2023
13 Col Samir Bedarkar Challenges Of psychological W for India; Study of Tacs and Conceptualization 2021-2023
14 Col Umesh A Parab Understanding Relevance of Tibet in Backdrop of new Chinese Policies and its Impact on Tibetan Culture 2021-2023
15 Col Premanku Ghosh Understanding Tibet ology Indo China Paradigm its Relevance and Contradiction 2021-2023
16 Col Arindam Pruthi Countering China's Digital, Cyber and Space Dominance 2021-2023
17 Col M.I Khan Recommended Focus Areas for CAPB Devp for the IA in Unmanned Grand Vehs (UGVS) 2021-2023
18 Brig HB Gramopadhye Developing Cyber Warfare Capability for India by 2025 2021-2023
19 Col Brijesh Pathania Integrated ISR Capabilities and Achieving now Enablement for the Three Services 2021-2023
20 Col Vikram V Lawand Analysis of Effects of China Influence and Perception on India Population and Evaluation of Counter measures Strategies 2021-2023
21 Brig RK Paithankar Civ Mil Integration for DEVP Mil Tech 2021-2023
22 Col MS Prakesh Strat Partnership in DEF Prodn to Achieve Self Reliance 2021-2023
23 Brig Rajan AY 2021-2023
24 Brig Vijay Kotiyal CAPB BLDG: Expanding Horizons for mil Utilization of space by the Indian Armed forces 2021-2023
25 Col Shailesh Kophkar Realistic Assessment of Military Conflict along Northern Borders, own Capacity Audit and Response Strategic backed by Time Bound Capability Enhancement 2021-2023
26 Col Amit Sinha Road Map: Imp start of Al for National Security 2021-2023

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