Aims and Objectives

Aims and Objectives :

● To establish a globally recognized research, teaching and training centre on the campus of the Savitribai Phule Pune University in the multi-disciplinary area of strategic and national security affairs.

● To innovate, design and create courses at post-graduate, diploma and certificate levels and integrate them with other programmes on campus.

● To create an inter-relationship with industrialists and entrepreneurs at national and international levels to engage in contract research of user value.

● To develop the culture of engaging in sponsored research programme and offer consultancies at national and international level.


Vision :

YCNISDA aims to be a centre of excellence, academically oriented to the study of international security and defence analysis.

YCNISDA will contribute meaningfully towards the formulation of national security policy by developing a better understanding of international security concerns.

YCNISDA will initiate dialogue and discussion to bridge the gap between the realm of ideas and the domain of public policy making to produce policy relevant studies in national security affairs.


Mission :

● To create human resources and expertise as well as a school of thought to contribute towards strategic thinking.

● To safeguard our national interest, core values and harmonize them with universal security concerns.

In order to achieve these objectives, NISDA will have the following Divisions of Research:

Division for Modeling and Simulation: Any analysis related to arms-control and arms race requires computational processing to access and analyze trends. Simulation on one hand is essential to evaluate the impact on known data or facts about a conflict situation to predict its probable outcome. The Division will thus be the first of its kind in the country to study war, peace and the impact of proliferation of nuclear weapons in the region through simulation and modeling.

Division for Science, Technology and International Security Studies: Science and Technology play a crucial role in the conduct of war. More recently, they have been used for the production of sophisticated weapons of mass destruction. Therefore, it has a nuanced relationship with international security and defence analysis. The Division will contribute significantly towards understanding the role of technology in international security.

Division for Policy and Management Studies: Defence policy-making and defence management are important aspects of security studies. Such studies make a linkage between economic, social and political structure and environment affecting defence policy making and related management issues. This Division will conduct policy relevant studies to project how one can attain optimal security requirements at affordable costs and undertake other policy relevant studies for restructuring and reorganization of institutions that contribute towards improving defence management.

Division for Area Studies: International security studies draws heavily on in-depth analyses of significant socio-economic, political, military and geopolitical variables at the national and regional levels. This centre will engage in country-studies in order to assist various governments and non-government organizations as per their demands.

Division for Non-Traditional Security Studies: Security threats of a non-traditional nature have emerged as key concerns in the discourse on global security. These include environment, energy, economy and human security. This centre will study emerging non-traditional threats to security, and refine existing conceptual tools available for the study of such issues.

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