shield Course - Post Graduate Diploma In Defence Analyst and National Security

Post Graduate Diploma In Defence Analyst and National Security



The course will enable students and working professionals to learn different areas of National Security such as National Interest, Strategical Relation, Defence Forces and their Functioning, and Role in National Security.

This course is designed for students desirous of taking careers in a mass media. Defence analyst syllabus is designed to provide them ample opportunity and ground to understand issues related to Defence, armed forces and their functions, role, responsibility and also issues related to national security.

Career prospects:

This course will be useful for students and professionals. The PG Diploma will help the individuals in pursuing their academic and career goals.

  • Pursue career in Print or Electronic Media as defence Journalists and reporters.

  • Journalists and reporters who want to specialize on national security and related issues.

  • Pursue career in Think Tanks and Research Institutions.

  • Build expertise for career in-service Journalists / officers from various institutions to build strong Public relation.

Rationale of the PG Diploma:

Security discourses are changed after cold war from traditional to non-traditional. The contemporary security issues have changed the role of security forces, whose core objective was to protect and defend the nation from unwanted interferences but today security forces are involved in non-traditional security issues such as disaster management, terrorism, cyber security etc. In fact, security institution/forces are fighting with any problem which disturbs the country’s economic, institutions, and day to day life or in short- the wealth of the nation, or that threatened the national security.

In this globalized world where, every information is available just on touch. The ease of getting the information is good for dissemination of information but some time too much of information creates confusion and chaos which can lead to dangerous law and order situation. Reporting sensitive issues with correct analysis, carrying gravity of importance will help people to understand the issues in an effective manner.

This course is designed to nurture professional journalists and young students who want to join defence analysis & journalism as a career. Rationale of this PG diploma is to spread awareness about national security issues and its gravity, and acquaint student / professional with concept of Security Studies, Nation Security and Indian Strategical Thoughts.

Aims and Objectives :

  • Disseminating knowledge of defence affairs and understanding of national security in the field of journalism.

  • To provide appropriate forum enhance their understanding related to the issues, ideas and challenges of modern practices of Warfare.

  • To provide opportunities to working journalists to enhance their knowledge and upgrade skills

  • To spread awareness about the impact of media on national security and nation-state.

Course Description

Post Graduate diploma Course in Defence Analyst and National Security has 32 credits which spread over two semesters in one year. The diploma course carries four papers of 100 marks (4 credits) in each semester. For each paper, there will be an internal evaluation of 50 marks and the external evaluation of 50 marks.

Method of Teaching

While teaching the courses, there will be an attempt to introduce the Case Study Method. Sessions are arranged in an informal manner and are interactive, so that there can be debate and discussion on every aspect of the subject. Students will be asked to discuss on specific cases relating to the course and that, which has been taught in the class. Case studies e.g. War analysis, would be used for the internal evaluation component of the course.


  1. Candidates should hold Graduation in Any Discipline from recognized College / Institute / University.

  2. Any working journalist or institutions sponsored candidate.


One year (Two Semester)

Proposed intake:


Programme Fees:

Kindly contact to the department

Academic Session:

1st Semester-  July to December

2nd Semester- January to May

Course Structure:

Semester I

Course No Course Title Course Credit Total Marks
DANS 1.1 National Secrity and Media 4 100
DANS 1.2 India’s Defence Establishment  4 100
DANS 1.3 Defence Analyst 4 100
DANS 1.4 Research Methodology 4 100

Semester II

Course No Course Title Course Credit Total Marks
DANS 2.1 India’s Defence & Security Policy 4 100
DANS 2.2 Media and  Law Enforcement Institution 4 100
DANS 2.3 Technology and Media in Digital Age 4 100
DANS 2.4 Dissertation 4 100

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