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Post Graduate Diploma In Counter Terrorism Studies



Terrorism is the greatest threat to humanity and the biggest challenge in front of many nation–state and international community. Terrorism, as a term, is very difficult to define because of the complexity in its manifestation. Terrorists are threating our organised and ordered national and international system. Terrorists are instigating fear by using the latest technology.

This course namely, "Counter Terrorism Studies", is designed to examine the various strategies, tactics and techniques being employed by terrorists to terrorise people and governments with a view to achieving their flawed ideological objectives. This course would cover eight subjects; each subject covering detailed aspects of ideals, objectives, organisation, the method of operation of terrorists and how we can counter them.

The course will equip students / researchers with detailed knowledge of history and evolution of terrorism, terrorist strategy, modus operandi, motives, organizational structure, psychology, and identity in order to assess the threat they pose and developing a counter strategy.

The Course also gives detailed information of contemporary terrorist groups and counter terrorism efforts at national and international level. Information operations would form an important cornerstone of the understanding of the subject.


The scourge of terrorism is one of the biggest security challenges being faced worldwide. Counter Terrorism study is the need of the hour; Terrorism is a very complex and abstract term to define. This has led to lot of ambiguity and lack of clarity in our response to the threat of terrorism. Terrorism has been used by our inimical neighbours as a low cost - maximum deniability ‘instrument of policy to bleed our nation with a thousand cuts’. Terrorists are exploiting the latest technology, creating national emergency and chaos. Creating a fear psychosis among common people is the ultimate aim of any terrorist act; they employ sophisticated technology and weapons of maximum terror against unarmed civilians to achieve their aim. Cyber terrorism, web espionage, and attacks on financial institutions are very potent threats.
This course will impart comprehensive knowledge on terrorism and counter terrorism. The Diploma is designed to cover subjects such as Understanding Terrorism; India’s National Security and Terrorism; Psychology of terrorists, Radicalisation, Counter-radicalisation and De-radicalisation; Finance and Terrorism (Terrorist Financing); Human Rights ; CBRN Terrorism and counter efforts; Cyber Terrorism, Cyber Security and related Science /Technology as well as Global Trends in Counter Terrorism.
These courses will be very useful for those who want to pursue career in security research, media. This course will be helpful to policy makers and civil servants to envisage precise policy.

Career prospects

This course will be useful for students and professionals. The Diploma will help the individuals in pursuing their academic and career goals.

  • Pursue career in Print or Electronic Media as journalists and reporters

  • Journalists and reporters who want to specialize on national security and terrorism issues. 

  • Pursue career in Think Tanks and Research Institutions

  • Help in pursuing opportunities in Private Risk Analysis and Conflict Tracking Firms

  • Build expertise for career in-service officers from civil administration, police and the armed forces.

  • Help in preparing for various government competitive examinations like SSC, CDS, UPSC, MPSC etc.

Method of Teaching

All the sessions will be interactive and participatory in nature. Apart from regular classroom teaching, following pedagogy will be used for this diploma:-

a) Guest Lectures. Guest Lectures by practitioners from various fields (military, police officers, media professionals, administrative services). Sessions will be arranged in a way that there can be debate and discussion on every aspect of counter terrorism.

b) Case Studies. Students will be encouraged to research / read and discuss the contemporary case studies on terrorism and counter terrorism.

c) Research and PresentationsStudents would be sub divided into small groups and conduct research from open sources on select topics related to counter-terrorism. Research would be followed by group presentations and a joint research paper.


  1. Candidates should hold Graduation in Any Discipline from recognized College / Institute / University.

  2. Any working government servant or industry sponsored candidate.


One year (Two Semesters)



Kindly contact to the department


1st Semester- from July to December

2nd Semester- from January to May


Every year SPPU conducts centralize admission process in month of June /July. Aspirants will get info on ( ). All the information about admissions is available in the respective year’s admission notification on same web link.

Course Description

Post Graduate Diploma Course in Counter Terrorism Studies has 32 credits which are spread over two semesters in one year. The diploma course carries four papers of 100 marks (4 credits) in each semester with total eight papers in one Academic Year. For each paper, there will be an internal evaluation of 50 marks and an external evaluation of 50 marks.


Semester I

Course No Course Title Course Credit Total Marks
CTS 1.1 Understanding Terrorism and its threat for India’s National Security 4 100
CTS 1.2 Finance And Terrorism (Terrorist Financing) 4 100
CTS 1.3 Psychology, Radicalisation, Counter-Radicalisation And Deradicalisation 4 100
CTS 1.4 Research Methodology 4 100

Semester II

Course No Course Title Course Credit Total Marks
CTS 2.1 International Community & Global Trends In Counter Terrorism 4 100
CTS 2.2 CBRN( Chemical,Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) Terrorism And Counter Terrorism 4 100
CTS 2.3 Cyber Terrorism, Cyber Security And Science & Technology 4 100
CTS 2.4 Dissertation 4 100


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