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The Chhatrapati Shivaji Chair in Policy Studies


The Chhatrapati Shivaji Chair in Policy Studies was established in the department in cooperation with the Indian Army on 6th July, 1994. The Chair is established to share knowledge of security and defence gain by senior officers in their career, with academic community at university. The research work and academic studies are undertaken by chair professor to nurture- futuristic national interest and young mind- at the Department of Defence and Strategic Studies.


  1. To generate interest in national security and defence matters in general & role of the defence force in particular.
  2. To undertake research /studies in national defence related security oriented issues of contemporary & futurities interest.
  3. To create general awareness about national security and defence among all segments of population through organising seminars and workshops.

Tenure: Two years

Current Chair Professor:

Maj Gen Manoj Oka, VSM (Retd)

Chair Professor, Chhatrapati Shivaji Chair in Policy Studies

Sr. No. Name Topic Tenure
1 Major Gen Bhide (Retd)             

Weapons importers to weapon exporter - A vision for achieving capability for the Design and Manufacture of Indigenous weapon system to meet the requirement of India's Defence Forces by 2020

2014 -2016
2 Brig S G Gokhale (Retd) LIC - Developing a Wining Strategy 2012 - 2014
3 Brig P Raina (Retd)             

Demilitarisation of Kashmir - A Blueprint for the phased Dis - Engagement of the Indian Armed Forces from the State of Jammu & Kashmir over a Ten Year Period

2010 - 2012
4 Lt. Gen R K Nanavatty (Retd) Low Intensity Conflict and the Army in India 2007 - 2009
5 Lt. Gen. D B Shekatkar (Retd) Conflicts in South Asia their Implication on Regional Security, India's Security and Economic Interests 2004 - 2006
6 Lt. Gen. H M Khanna (Retd) India's Security Dimension and its Relationship to the J&K Imbroglio 2002 - 2004
7 Maj. Gen B N Rao (Retd) Logistics Philosophy for the Indian Army in 2005 AD 1999 - 2001
8 Lt. Gen. Ashok Joshi (Retd) An Indo- Centric View of National Security Concerns             

1996 -1998



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